Week 50 – Curfew

At the weekend State of Baden Württemberg announced curfew and more restrictions for living and traveling, one day later German government announced way stricter measures applying nationwide curfew is from 20.00 to 05.00. That is not good news for us exchange students whom school is already mostly in online and only social activity is to meet other students at weekend outside. Now this is prohibited, only thing is allowed is to go shopping and do sports with maximum of 2 people. Thankfully I am going to Finland for Christmas to eat Christmas foods and seeing my family and friends. with these new restrictions I have no hurry to come back from Finland.

What happened this week other than harder Corona restrictions? Well, we had to use lots of time to our courses because few of our courses are ending at Christmas: German, German history and Culture and Project Management which takes lots of our time to analyzing data and designing marketing project for small Finnish band. This course is not my favorite cause I would rather study subjects which are more relatable for my studies. Also, I went to the school first time to see Prof. Weigl, he teached me in person error calculation for mechatronical project. this was really exciting because this was first time when I visited inside off our school!

Not much happened this week but we had fun pizza night with the Finnish boys. We had 3 different pizzas. One with mozzarella pepperoni pesto tomatoes, second with grounded meat, paprika, onion and third with ham ananas and local aurajuusto. It was delicious as you can see:

I am already exited to come back to Finland cause for me restrictions are making life here rather lonely and boring.