Week 51 – First “real” school day

This week we had our first “real” school day. On Wednesday I and Ville were allowed to visit two campuses on the same day. First in the morning we had a Industrial communication lab where we literally hacked a interned switch. I personally found that topic really interesting. Later in the evening we had a German language test at the Esslingen campus. The day was really mind refreshing because this far we have had only online lectures and labs. These exams were not possible to arrange online and because of that the school made an exception.


There was an awesome start for this week when I heard that I got an internship opportunity from a company near Mannheim city. It is quite important to get an internship for the next semester. Otherwise the Erasmus Double Degree program can not continue and we need to fly back to Finland. The situation makes it really hard to get an internship and it builds even more pressure over time when none of those dozens of companies you applied to, do not give any answers.


Going together to German language test with the other international students


We are faced some difficulties because of the only online studying methods. During a Mechatronical project course we are not allowed to go to the workshop properly and it makes everything much harder to visualize and understand. Me and my croup are supposed to design a telemetry system for an electric racing car witch collects data from the car during the race and sends it to a monitor. This week we did tests at our apartments and got some promising results. Main difficulty in our project is to transmit data without huge packet loss. We already managed to transmit data to 100 meters without any packet loss but 200 meters is be the goal.

Doing telemetry tests outside at 1am



Yes, since the curfew there is nothing allowed but going to the supermarket we have had nothing much to do but to study. One wise man once said that the exchange year takes a lot of sitting muscle and he was totally right. We still have a lot of work but I think we will manage somehow. Next week all of us are going back to Finland for Christmas, but before that we still have a history exam to do on Monday. Happy holidays to everyone and have a peaceful Christmas!


The supermarket was decorated nicely

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