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We are group of four exchangestudents who wanted to pack our bags and go to study abroad. We are 3rd year students from JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä, studying to become Bachelors of Electricity and Automation Technology. Almost all of us specialize in automation expect one. JAMK has this “Double degree programme” in association with Hochschule Esslingen, Germany. The idea is simple, we spend one year in Germany studying and doing internship and when we graduate in Finland, we are entitled to have degrees from both schools. That’s why we came here Germany to study. To be precise, Hochschule Esslingen has around 6000 students and three campusesWe are located at The Göppingen campus, it is home to the Faculties of Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering. This campus is around 23 kilometers from Esslingen and the good thing is that we have our apartments here in Göppingen. 


Hallo! Ich heiße Ville

I am Ville Filpus, 23 years old student from Jyvaskyla and I’m studying Automation Engineering. I chose to be a part of this Double Degree exchange program because I have always Dreamed to live in outboards. I had previous experience being in exchange here in Germany when I was in upper secondary high school. We had this one-week exchange program when Germans from Heilbronn lived in our homes for one week and then we lived in their homes for a week. Also, I have travelled lot in Europe and visited Germany many times so Germany with the Double Degree program was the obvious choice. I know that this COVID-19 situation makes numerous challenges to our studies here and even I doubted going through with this program because outbreak, but I’m open to challenges and for everything what lies ahead us. Even though I don’t especially like webclasses, and I would rather be in school studying… I hope that we least have labs in contact studies at school.

“I believe this semester in Göppingen will bring me unforgettable experiences! And I will be sharing my thoughts once in month for you! “

Hallo! Ich bin Pekka

My name is Pekka Hintikka, third year automation engineer student from Jyväskylä, Finland. When I first heard of this opportunity to go exchange it sounded exciting adventure and I was interested right away and filed the application without hesitation. I think double degree alone is great and valuable opportunity. But for me meeting a lot of people and making international friends is among of the most important things. At home I spent much of my free time building designing and 3D-Printing parts for different robotic, drone and other mechatronic related projects, that is something that I unfortunately had to leave on hold for a year. I am also enthusiastic about mountain biking which is gladly something I can continue doing since I shipped my bike here, so I get to explore beautiful Göppingen even more that way. 

Hallo Volks! 

I am Olli Soramies, originally from Kouvola. Unlike the other three fellows, I´m not studying automation engineering but electric power technology. We still took the same courses with everyone in this group. I am the youngest participant of this double-degree program. I`m turning 22 this month. had several reasons to get out here to study abroad even though I know it´s going to be challenging. One is the reason itself that challenge and various experiences are never bad to your development. Second reason is that I have relatives already here in Germany, so it was natural to choose this countryThe main reason is to grow up and get useful tools for life trough tasks and adventures we will encounter here. Of course, I would like to learn more German too!

“I have high expectations of this exchange semester here in Göppingen, Germany. Looking forward to share our trip with you. Stay safe!”

Hallo, Ich bin Lari    “Der Unkel”

Originally from southern Finland, moved to Jyväskylä to study. Third year student as mentioned and specialized to the field of automation. I had in my mind at the beginning of school that I wanted to study abroad, so here I am. My hobbies are wine & travelling. Just kidding, I’m not an Instagram influencer. Let’s put it this way, I like to try new things (ye I know, still sounds like an influencer.) but really I think life is full of different phases, when I was 20 years old, motorcycles were the thing. Now it’s more like mountain /downhill -biking and to have some balance for that there is bouldering, long distance runs and hiking. I’m also really interested in robotics and programming, so I spend my time usually learning new things regarding to those topics. 

I really try to learn as much as I can German language, my goal is to have efficient German language skills after this exchange. So, I better stop writing now because this starts to sound like a Cover letter for a job application. Hopefully you enjoy reading our blog, Tschüss!

“My hobbies are wine & travelling”