Arriving in Debrecen

Here we are in Debrecen, finally. We travelled during January 2nd from Helsinki, first to Riga and after few hours wait in the airport to Budapest. With a few misfortunes in our way, we managed to find ourselves in Debrecen 21.34 in the evening.


In Helsinki-Vantaa airport before leaving.


Delicious – but expencive – pizzas in Riga airport.

In Budapest airport, when we were getting out, a man came and kind of just took Heidi´s luggage and asked if we needed a taxi. Erja said yes and the man started talking and talking about Finland and his trips there and at the same time Heidi was wondering who ever this man was. The “taxi-guy” was guiding us to his still invisible car when Heidi asked “Erja, there are those real taxis. Where do you think WE are going!?” We had approximately 30 minutes to get our train to Debrecen, so after some reassurements from the man we hopped on to the taxi-looking car and hoped for the best. We managed to arrive in time to the railway station, but it wasn´t the station we thought we were going. However, we got tickets to a train with ending destination in Moscow and even found the train with help of very friendly hungarian people. Afterwards we found out that the taxi was a real taxi, but the man took a little too much money from us.


Heidi is learning some questionable words from a dictionary…The train was an IC, almost like in Finland.


When we arrived to Debrecen our landlord was at the station waiting for us with Alex with whom we had been in contact with about our appartment. They were really kinf and carried our heavy luggage to the car and drove us to our new home.


There was a sweet, warm luxorious appartment waiting for us with two bottles of wine on the table. We signed the lease and chatted with the men about practical issues. They also showed us a 24hour grocery store even though it was already past eleven in the evening.

Today we visited Julianna in the University. She is a medical doctor who teaches physiotherapy students, and we have been in contact with her before our arrival. Julianna is a very warm, funny, maybe 60-year-old woman. She was so happy to meet us and offered us a great meal in a local family restaurant where you could eat for example pork´s brain! Well, we didn´t, but the food was delicious!




Staff in this restaurant was very nice and curious about us. After hearing we were physiotherapist students, the owner wanted to be our patient and when we were leaving he gave us both a bottle of Rose wine. In Julianna´s opinion he was a bit drunk. 🙂

Our practical training will start on Tuesday and it starts in Department of Neurology. We are very excited and hope to get as much experience as possible. This weekend we are going to learn some basic hungarian words so that we can communicate better with our patients!



Finally, the Sun – long time no see! Picture taken in the morning.



On our way to the University. Heidi is standing in front of a Calvinist church.



Debrecen is a very beautiful city with all the christmas lights.



We don´t have pillows yet, so this is what Heidi used and will be using tonight. Inside the pillow case is Heidi´s stuffed animals. Nice!


Heidi & Erja