It is szombat!


Yesterday evening our landlord (who btw looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger!) visited us with his family. The whole family was really friendly and  kind. They gave us a hoover which is for the cleaner who comes here twice a month, oh jeah! Julianna told us it’s typical that people clean by themselves like we do in Finland.

We have now learnt numbers from 1 to 10 in Hungarian with our best mnemonics. We write them down here, so you can learn them also! 8)

1 – egy

2 – kettö

3 – harom (it sounds like Finnish word haaremi)

4 – négy (you pronounce it like Finnish word “neitsyt” but without yt-ending)

5 – öt

6 – hat (it is pronounced like English word “hot”)

7 – hét (it is pronounced like English word “hate”, numbers 5, 6 and seven are very similar)

8 – nyolc (that is Erja’s favorite, you pronounce it like Finnish word “noltsi”=nolo (Heidi says that it is a real word and Erja is wondering who on earth has invented it)

9 – kilenc (Heidi’s favorite)

10 – tiz

Hungarian is a very difficult language to learn by youself because of complex grammar. Usually words or some parts of the words are pronounced how they are written, but there are of course some exceptions.

Today we went walking and found a big supermarked called Tesco where we bought pillows. Tesco is quite near our home and it’s like Prisma in Finland. We have considered buying or renting bikes because bicycling looks safe and it’s about 4 kilometres from our apartment to our practical training place. Bicycling is’t here as common as in Finland, people usually take buses or trams.


This picture is from yesterday morning, Erja had fast porridge. It saved our day!


Kassai Campus, Department of Physiotherapy


We went walking with a map and we found something familiar. We are not that far from home!


It is lovely that people can go ice-skating in the middle of town! Behind you can find one really big protestant church


Heidi eats strawberry ice-cream which was delicious

Sziasztok Heidi and Erja