Bike problems part 2

Szia Szia!

Tuesdays are not the best days with our beautiful bikes. Okay, now the problem wasn’t exactly the bike but it was my bike’s lock. We had had some problems with the locks, they sometimes stuck and it takes time and nerves to open them. At this morning I didn’t had time to handle the lock so gently so I tried to open it with my well trained muscles (hahahah) and of course the key broke in the lock.. As smart girls we had locked our bikes together so Erja coudn’t go by bike either. Few moments later we decided to take a taxi and somehow we managed to explain to the taxi driver, who didn’t speak English of course, where we should go.


After work we went to eat a delicious goulash soup to one restaurant that Marie had recommended us. Thanks Marie! 🙂

At home I tried to take the key out of the lock with tweesers but it didn’t go so well. After trying countless times I went knocking to Joli’s door thinking that she must know somebody who has tools. She understood immediately from my body language that I was in trouble with my bike and guided me to those neighbours whose son speaks English. It was a little bit embarrassing stand again behind their door with problems and without understanding their Hungarian.. 😀 After discussing about my “bicikli” the family’s dad game out with some tool which we are calling “rälläkkä” in Finland and we went to my bike. At first he tried to take the key out without success so it was time to let rälläkkä do the work. It looked like that man has done this before but still I was a litte bit worried about his eyes and hands which weren’t protected. Fortunately everything went well, my bike was free again and I was so grateful about their help and I thanked thousands of times. Luckily we have such great and helpful neighbours! I was wondering that I could bake muffins next weekend and give them some.

Ps. I have a new lock with a code number 😉