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Bike problems part 2

Szia Szia! Tuesdays are not the best days with our beautiful bikes. Okay, now the problem wasn’t exactly the bike but it was my bike’s lock. We had had some problems with the locks, they sometimes stuck and it takes time and nerves to open them. At this morning I didn’t had time to handle […]

Sup Debrecen?

Almost two weeks have past and we´ve written nothing. Time goes by so fast that we are already worrying about having to go back home soon! During these weeks we have made one bike trip, found a gym and visited the Angol Klub we wrote about last time. Marie gave us a tour in Debrecen, […]

Starting normal life in Debrecen

Szia! On Monday morning we went to see Julianna again. She introduced and suggested us some courses in which we could take part to. There was one course about sport physiotherapy which Heidi might choose. The Department of Physioterapy gave us an oppurtunity to buy working clothes by 6800 HUF which is approximately 22 euros. […]

It is szombat!

Szervusztok! Yesterday evening our landlord (who btw looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger!) visited us with his family. The whole family was really friendly and  kind. They gave us a hoover which is for the cleaner who comes here twice a month, oh jeah! Julianna told us it’s typical that people clean by themselves like we do […]

Arriving in Debrecen

Here we are in Debrecen, finally. We travelled during January 2nd from Helsinki, first to Riga and after few hours wait in the airport to Budapest. With a few misfortunes in our way, we managed to find ourselves in Debrecen 21.34 in the evening. In Helsinki-Vantaa airport before leaving. Delicious – but expencive – pizzas […]