Monthly Archives: April 2012


I dont want to start my blog with cliché like “My first blog post ever! YEAH!” so lets start with something even more dull: Story about filling the necessary documents. I hope that this gives motivation for those who have the same project in front of them.

I’ve been filling all the necessary documents for the past month (when I have time). Feels like there’s lot’s of them and checklists from different sources seems to vary in some ways. But still it’s worth it. My dream is about to come true: Living in germany for almost half year. Studying in Hochschule Esslingen will give me experience from German culture and language and this will be one of my strengths when applying for a job in engineering field. And of course I don’t want to exclude the idea to moving and working in Germany sometimes in the future.

So for all of you thinking about studying/doing practical training abroad: DO IT! This is the only change that you get to do it whit so much support behind you. All the International Coordinators are really helpful so you don’t have to struggle on your own. Follow your dreams and if you don’t have any than follow your intentions and make them your dreams.