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Offer of room

Hello everyone. I’m glad that so many of you are reading my blog and thanks for all the comments. I’m trying to answer them as often as possible but I’m busy at the moment so be patient.

But let’s get to the point. I received an offer of room today from “Studentenwerk Stuttgart“. Best surprise about it was that I have to pay 600€ prepayment in less than a month: “The money has to be received until 15th of July“. I wasn’t prepared for this mainly because I haven’t read enough of the information flyers that I have received. Just wrote an e-mail to the contact person where I asked if the date can be changed a week later so that I can get the money and pay it in time. Otherwise I’ll probably lose the appartment.

Good news are that I’m not going to be in the “worst” student accommodation apartments, at least according to some of the information letters. The dormitory is located in Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 15, 73732 Esslingen and I have my own room, shared bathroom with 1 student and shared kitchen with 4 to 8 students. The dormitory is located 2-3 kilometers from the campus so it’s not going to take long to even walk to school.

At the moment I’m getting really excited about my exchange period. I’m of course hoping to meet lot’s of students from other countries and in best situation create life long friendships and probably even work relationships. I’m also afraid. Here in Jyväskylä I live with two of my best friends and I’m never alone. We have a huge flat with sauna and a projector so I’m used to all these “little luxuries” in my life. The things that I’m afraid of during my exchange period is that I’ll miss my friends and won’t have enough things to do. I’m never still so being alone doing nothing is not an option. My plan for this is exercise. I’ve heard that Hochschule Esslingen has a good gym and of course the running possibilities in the vineyards are really good.

Still don’t know how to solve the sauna-in-my-apartment problem 😉 Maybe a tent…?


And remember: “Wise sentence full of tips how to improve your life from some dude nobody knows.”