Monthly Archives: July 2012

Things that I’ll miss in Finland

Just spend an amazing weekend with loved ones. My parents visited me on Friday. I think my mom a.k.a. “Mami” is getting smaller everyday, and my little brother was grown tremendously. On Saturday we went to the beach with really good friends and we had the chance for some water-skiing thanks to “Tarzan”, a classmate and a very close friend of mine. After that we went back to our place to cook up some fishes that Tarzan had caught.

In the evening we went to visit in different bars and we ended up in an African music show (!?) It was really intensive and endorphin’s rushed to my body every time the drumming got louder. It was just one of those “how the f**k did I end up in here” feelings. In a good way. A cherry on top was this huge thunderstorm in the middle of night (I love them). My room lid up every time a lightning stroke, and the rumbling was deafening.

These kind of days are just too good to be true. I think the best way to not to miss Finland when I’m in Esslingen is to not to think back this kind of moments and peoples.

I love my friends and family from the bottom of my heart and I know that I’m privileged because they’ll love me back no matter what I do.

Thank you Jenny, Annina, Tarzan, Niko, Miika, Senni, Mami, Hannu and Viljami <3.

Me and Tarzan playing the good guys from Miami Vice.

Me and Tarzan doing the “Miami Vice”… Big thanks to Jussi from the picture. It seems that iPhone isn’t so bad after all ;).