Monthly Archives: August 2012

Four days to go…

This week has been full of excitement. On Monday I was “advertising” international things in JAMK to the new students of technology. On Wednesday I went to have a few beers with my German friend, Toby, who has arrived to Finland last Thursday. He’s doing his exchange period here in Jyväskylä. I also met another exchange students. Today we baked two cakes with Nadja my “littlebrother”. I’ll take them to work tomorrow because it’s my last day there (I work at JAMK). The new students are getting to know our campus and especially the laboratories there, so I was asked to tell them about one testing equipment that I have been working with. I actually have no idea what to tell them but I’ll just go to work a bit earlier and figure it out :D.


I think I should start packing already… 😛


Nadja and The Cake