Daily Archives: 6.9.2012

Arrived in Esslingen…

…three days ago. Haven’t been able to contact any of my friends or my family properly, because we haven’t had internet connection until this afternoon (I’m really sorry guys!). Now I’m in Starbucks drinking shitty and expensive coffee just to be able to use the internet.

The trip went well. I traveled to Helsinki on Sunday to see my friend Senni before I go to Germany. We walked at Lauttasaari which is an Island really close to city center. Still there’s lots of woods and green areas so I really liked it.

Here’s a picture of me in Lauttasaari on the shore.


I didn’t really sleep at all during the night between Sunday and Monday because of the excitement. My alarm clock “woke” me at 3 something and I took a taxi to Main bus station in Helsinki. From there I took a bus to Helsinki-Vantaa airport. I thought that I was going to travel alone but at the airport I suddenly saw a familiar face.  Toni, a student from JAMK also was on the same flight.

Here’s Toni at Stuttgart’s airports railway station.


There were some minor accidents on the trip. As soon as I got out of my appartment in Jyväskylä – my bags carrying handle broke up. Luckily there was another one. I also lost my bags closing strap (the one that ensures that the bag won’t open) on the way to the bus station. I also had to take some stuff out of my other bag at Senni’s  apartment because it was too heavy for the hand luggage (big thanks to Senni!).

The instructions from international coordinators of Hochcschule Esslingen were really great. We found all the trains and buses to get to our apartment. There we got our welcome packages (I actually got it on tuesday) which included all kinds of informations to make our lives easier here. Then we got the keys to our rooms and I immidietly checked it out:

It’s kind of small and I share my bathroom with a Ukrainian girl but it’s okay. I also share the kitchen with 5 students but there’s nobody there ever. And I don’t mind even if there is. It’s funnier to cook in group.

After we had settled down we wen’t to a bar which is located in the basement of our dormitory(!) :D. “The hefe” is really cheap (I’m not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing)…

This picture is from the outside of the bar. From the left:Heikki, Toni and Otto. All of them study at JAMK and I was actually their tutor in their first year so I knew all of them before this trip.


I think I’m gonna stop writing now… There’s still tons of things to tell but I’ll save them for this evening. I’ve heard a rumor that there’s going to be a big party tonight.

Kisses and hugs to everyone back home. I miss you all so much, but I didn’t come here to do that so I’ll just try to put you out of my mind… That sounds a “bit” self centered but if I’m thinking of you my whole trip will suck.

Over and out,