Daily Archives: 7.9.2012

First week is over…

…and I’m exhausted in a good way. There was this little party yesterday so I didn’t have the time to write in the evening. Heikki had some “Salmiakki kossu” and Otto had some Lakrisal so the other exchange students get to taste a bit of Finland. Only the Turkish guys liked the Kossu and I think that no one liked Lakrisal.

Here you can see the aftermath or “the dagen efter” of the party .


Before the party we went to this old castle up in the hills to have  Flammkuchen which is a German dish. It means Flame cake and is similar to pizza.  The international office offered the food. We also tasted Bananen-Weizen which was not so good :D. It’s a wheat bear with banana juice (surprise). There’s also weizen with sprite but I think that’s a waste of a good wheat beer.

Here is a picture of the route to the castle. The route was surrounded by vineyards.


Today we circled around the city because of all the freetime. Heikki bought some cigars and it made him very happy. I wonder why…?


One Hungarian student is a lot with us which is really good. Now we speak English all the time even to each other if his near. He’s also really hilarious so we’re getting good laughs.

Tonight we’re going to Stuttgart. We got our student ID-cards today so traveling with public transportation is now free in the Stuttgart area after 6.00 p.m. and on weekends and public holidays.

This first week has really been a lot easier than I thought. There’s lot’s of free time and all the advice that we get from the international coordinators are good. They’ve told  us everything that we need to know about living in Germany. Next week we’ll start studying German four hours a day. I think that’s going to be frustrating every once in a while but I know that it’s all about the attitude. If you think that something is going to suck then it definitely will and vice versa.

Now I’m starting to get ready for the trip to Stuttgart.