Daily Archives: 19.9.2012

Visit to the Mercedes-Benz Museum…

…for the second time. I did my first visit there in February 2012 but I went there again because… well I was said that it’s a compulsory. But it was a good visit anyway. I’ve noticed that in Germany  the teachers think that a student, no matter what his/her age is, is not an adult. The classes that I’ve been in allow only two absence and I think that there’s no such thing as academic freedom in Germany :).

But to the point. Here’s the museum outside. It’s been designed by Dutch architectural company  UN Studio and it was opened on 2006. One of the guides said to us that if you check all the places inside you walk 5 kilometers.


From the visit I have a special photo for Kossu. He had one of these and it was exactly the same color :).


Although, I think the price tag wasn’t quite the similar…


There was lot’s of technical details for example how different engine parts are made. Here is a good picture that shows how connecting rods are formed step by step. The manufacturing method is forging that “gives the components an efficient fiber matrix”. These connecting rods belong to a V6 diesel engine.

The museum doesn’t only show/tell the history of Daimler-Benz company, but also the main turning points of the worlds industrial development. It’s a really interesting place and even if You’re not interested in cars, You should visit there if possible.


Oh sh*t my laundry is in the machine… Got to go. Bye!