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Visit to Kessler and Heidelberg…

…were amazing. I’ve been to Kessler also in February, but when there’s an opportunity to visit the oldest sekt factory in Germany, I’ll use it every time. Sekt is sparkling wine which is made in Germany – kind of like Champagne is sparkling wine which is made of specific grapes which are produced in  the Champagne region in France. First we had a tour around the factory, which is pretty amazing because it’s inside  the oldest stone build house in Esslingen, and then we got to taste different kinds of Kessler Sekts.

Here’s a picture of us having Sekt. From the left: Me, Haksoo from South Korea, Marko from Finland, Toni from Finland, Mickey from England and Otto from Finland.


The next day we had an intercultural training. We were basically talking about differences between cultures so that it would be easier for us to understand each others. Lot’s of interesting stuff came up. We talked about stereotypes and ways to greet friend and a teacher.     For us Finns the meeting with a teacher is not nearly as formal as in other countries. Everyone seemed shocked after I told that I could even go for a beer with some of my teachers :).

Here’s a picture of me and the lecturer. On the board you can see stereotypes and common things that we thought about different countries. About Germany we wrote things like punctuality, lederhose and Hitler.


On Saturday we went to Heidelberg. The trip took about 2 hours by train so we had to leave at 7 a.m. Everyone was pretty tired from all the “fun having” last night. Some of us slept only two hours :D. Here’s a pictrue of Toni, Otto and Heikki from the train. You can also see Monika, our international coordinator from Hochschule Esslingen who has done a great job guiding us into German everyday life!


Heidelberg is a historical city with university and up to 35 000 students live there during the semester. I think it’s my favorite city from now on. Only bad thing was that there were thousands of tourists and of course everything was expensive. Main tourist attraction was the castle in the hills. Here’s some pictures from there:

Haru, Heikki, Siradhep, Ruben and Kike on their way to the castle.


Áron, Otto, Toni and Heikki listening to the tourist guide. They seem VERY interested :D…


Here’s a taste of the view to the old city. Thanks to Otto from this picture!


Here’s the inner yard of the castle.


Here’s the biggest wine barrel in the world. It was in the castle and it can hold up to 228 000 liters of wine which lasted for 10 months in the castles  inhabitants use. It was ****** huge! On top of it you can see Heikki, Toni and Áron. Again thanks to Otto from the picture!


And here’s a view from the castles balcony.


Here you can see the massive structure of the castles walls. Unfortunately I didn’t hear that why is this tower broken…


After the tour guide we went to circle around the old city. Main purpose was to find a place to eat and maybe drink one Hefe. The tourist guide told us that there’s a place for students to eat cheap and we found it. It wasn’t even that cheap but the food was really good and there was lots of different things to eat. I think that I liked the food so much because it was very similar to Finnish food. Also the campus area was amazing. Here’s a picture from the diner. There was also a bar where you could get Hefe for 2,75 €.


Oh, and one picture for Jussi. If you want a good pipe then send me 345 € and I’ll buy you a Porche Design :D.


Now it’s time to start making myself useful. Next week we might rent a car and go to the Alps. You might hear from it later ;). Lot’s of hugs and kisses for those, who feel like deserving it :).