Daily Archives: 2.10.2012

The best weekend so far…

…but first I’ll tell You something about the week before. Our teacher had her birthday on Tuesday, so we decided to surprise her. We wrote on the board in many languages “Happy birthday” and someone of us had even baked a cake for her. And of course when she came in we started singing. Here are some pictures of that.


On Friday we had our last intensive lectures of German language. Teachers arranged us a breakfast; everyone brought something typical German breakfast stuff like eggs, ham, cheese, marmalade, bread etc.

From the left (only the ones who look into the camera) Macarena from Spain, Juan from Spain and me from Finland. Thanks to Antonio from Spain for this picture (and for the rum coffee on saturday night;) ).


So, about the weekend itself. On Friday evening we decided to check Volksfest out. It’s similar to Oktoberfest but a bit smaller and not so much tourists. We heard a pro tip that in there it’s easier to find tables and – of course – get a beer.  When we first entered the party area I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like a huge amusement park except that it was bigger than I’ve ever seen – and it was mobile. All the beer tents were also huge and mobile even thought they looked like fixed from the outside. And when we entered the beer tents we couldn’t stop smiling. I had no big expectations about this kind of beer fests because I just thought that they would be crowded and it would be really hard to find a place to sit and get a beer. Well I don’t think like that anymore. It’s really hard to describe the atmosphere in the tent so I’ll just say to You that visit one of these!

And of course pics or it didn’t happen:

First 1 litre beers.


“Dagen efter.”

Aaand here we go again.

“Finnische spezialiteten.” Flamed salmon (and blond girls).

German family.

Dirndls. Blame Heikki for the bad picture :). Or my phone…

Some more dirndls. Wait…what?

And of course after party and some rum coffee at the apartments.


After that weekend we had school from 9.30 a.m. till 8.30 p.m on Monday… It was kind of hard to stay wake in the class. As Tarzan would say: “Nice”.

We’re still planning on that trip to Alps. And München. Maybe You’ll here from them later.