…a road trip to Italy including Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstain.

First I would like to introduce You to our group:

“Audi man”, Toni. Oldest and wisest. Likes to ride his bicycle and of course to drive our rented Audi.


“The typical Finnish guy”, Otto, in the words most positive meaning. Likes to hunt, drink beer and swears like the devil itself.


“The polite Mexican”, Kike. When you see Kike you know that you’re going to have a good time. Always smiles and never offends anyone. We were lucky to have him with us on our trip!


First about the preparations. On Friday 5th of October we decided to leave and after checking the prices from internet we went to local car rental company. We had made the first mistake already :). They had only two cars for our purposes left and they were quite expensive. If we would’ve called them a week ago we would’ve gotten a cheaper and more compact car, but we took the diesel Audi A4. Good thing about it was that it only took about 5,5 liters/100 km.

In the car rental company’s website we got the impression that the cars have unlimited kilometers but this Audi didn’t have, so extra 20 cents for every km that went over 900 km… Our first plan was to go to Genoa and from there to Venice but we had to make our trip shorter. So in the end it almost looked like this (on our way to Esslingen from Innsbruck we visited Liechtenstein also):


First night we spend in Bergamo, Italy. The hostel there was cheap and good. The town sucked. We arrived there about 11 p.m. and the town was already sleeping. We were really hungry and wanted to taste some Italian pizza, but the only place to get  it was a local bar. You might guess what the pizza tasted like – spicy and shitty. Only purpose of it was to get us drink more.

The next day we head out to lake Garda. It was awesome. South side of the lake was a tourist hell but east side was a bit better. We stopped for a swim and finally had some good pizza.  Here we are on the shore of lake Garda:


After spending a wonderful day just relaxing we aimed the Audi logo towards Innsbruck – the famous ski jump town. From there we found again a good and cheap hostel (later we heard from the locals that the hostel was rumored to be the place to get “spare parts” to hospitals :D).  The evening we visited an Irish pub, drank some Guinness and had a great time getting to know some of the locals. We even visited someones birthday party :D. Here’s a picture from the hostel. Luckily we all had our kidneys still in place in the morning ;).


To summon this up it was a great weekend with great guys! Only bad thing was that on the way back to Esslingen we got into a traffic jam. It took about 2 hours to travel 40 km.

Now I have to start a “meeting” with my colleague Jussi via Skype :). We’re about to talk about big plans and dreams that some of You already know about. I assure that the rest of You will hear about them too. Next blog post will be about my last weekends trip to Münich. I’m trying to get it done ASAP.





Posted 22.10.2012 at 13.43


Johannes Torppa
Posted 1.11.2012 at 18.22

Käskysi on lakini täti.

Sanna-Leena aka International Coordinator
Posted 23.10.2012 at 10.54

Hallo Johannes!

Seems like you are having the time of your life.. Keep up the good work!

We got the first snow this morning. I guess Winter is really coming.

All the best from Jyväskylä,

Johannes Torppa
Posted 1.11.2012 at 18.22

I think so too Sanna-Leena :). I miss snowboarding but not snow so much. We had some here also already but it didn’t stay for too long. Just enough to have a little snow fight.