Holidays are finally over…

…and it’s time to start focusing on studying again. The best part about that is that I have only 4 hours of school per week because almost all of the courses ended before Christmas :/. So now I’m trying to focus on training. I asked an offer from “Fitness First” gym for half a year and it’s about 50 € per month + a starting fee for a student so I think that’s ok. I’m just really fed up with the Hochschules gym.

I was in Finland during holidays. My plan was not to go there and the main reason for that was the following: About a year ago we were saying goodbyes to Francesca in Jyväskylä’s train station because she was leaving back to Italy. I met one guy from our school at the station and he said that he’s returning to Germany to continue his internship after Christmas holidays. I have never seen a sadder look and at that moment I decided that if I go to study abroad I will not visit home. Well about a year after I found myself at the Jyväskylä’s railway station thinking about all the great times that I had during holidays. Christmas with family, new years eve with my other “family” (pyjama party!) and friends and all the free time just watching movies or going to the gym with Niko (never had quite as intense trains as with him). So basically coming back to Germany wasn’t the most pleasant thing to do, but something made it better.

When I arrived and checked my mail I found a letter from my neighbor in which she told that she had found a package for me laying on the mailboxes. I got the package from her and she invited me for a dinner with friends. So tonight we had a great dinner with Korean, Finnish and German people. The food and the company was great! It cured my home sickness a bit. And of course in the package there was chocolate, salmiakki, comics and a letter from my dear godmother so that helped also.


Thanks to my family and friends for making my Christmas holidays so awesome. It would been easier if you would just been assholes so that I wouldn’t miss you a bit but I think it’s impossible for you. Love you.