I thinks it’s time…

…to finally update my blog. I’ve been “busy” (too lazy) to update it for a while but here it comes.


I just had a great weekend at the Alps but before telling more about that I will update my situation here in Germany.


So I’m officially doing a “DD” and I’m not talking about breast implants but a Double Degree. With Heikki we’re the first ones who does it between HS – Esslingen and JAMK. It recuires at least 60 credits from HS – Esslingen and I already have about 30 from last semester and now I’m doing my internship in a “small” German company called Festo ;). I started working there on the 4th of March and I have to tell You that it’s great! The company advertises itself as a family  company and despite the fact that it has employees as much as in a small country, it still has a warm and kind working atmosphere. Everyone is really nice there and I have had no problems with getting to know the company’s daily routines because my colleagues have helped me so much. This kindness of the company also leads to the story about the snowboarding trip to the Alps.

Before I even started working at Festo I got an e-mail from my colleague-to-be (I’ll call her Mrs. K). She invited me for a skiing trip to Pitztal, Hochzaiger which is in Austria. Snowboarding in the Alps has always been my dream so I decided to join the group. “K” even told me that I don’t have to pay anything from the  apartment and for the travel expenses so as I student this trip was like winning the lottery.

My alarm bell rang at 4.50 in 15th of March and I took a bus to Festo’s parking lot. From there we started the journey with 4 German guys that I had basically never met before (I was introduced to two of them the other day). At 9 o’clock I found myself drinkin beer and eating würst and ham horns for a breakfast. I’ve never felt so German :D. Here’s a few photos from the trip.

I wouldn’t want to be the one who drives this home… Spotted it in a gas station on the half way to Austria.



Second day of snowboarding. As you can see the weather was absolutely amazing.


Rok rok.




First time in a gondola lift also.


All in all it was an amazing trip. I wanna thank my colleagues from the bottom of my heart. Some of You were a bit worried if I’m not enjoying because I don’t understand German that well but there was always somebody who spoke English with me if I wanted and everyone was really nice to me. I’m really looking forward to be working with you some more during these 6 months that I’m still here in Germany.


And now some random pictures of crazy exchange students.


Mr. Dimitri and me. My good friend from Russia. I wish to see you soon. I hope it’s ok that I put your picture to my blog 😀


Mr. Bartender Jiiiläännneeee. (That’s what German pronounciation of Heikki’s last name sounds to us Finns.)


Heikki has a booboo in his foot. He broke it during the celebration of Finnish independence day :D.


Mr. Ruben. Our only non Finn in our Project group. He did a great job with the project!


Me and Heikki looking a bit hangoverish at Trumpf company. We had our labs from the module “Laser material processing” there. Learned a lot about laser shit.


I think now it’s good to finish my post and go to sleep.


Greetings to everyone to Finland. Miss you so much <3