I shaved my balls for this?

Now that I have been in Germany for seven months I think I should tell You something about partying here. First of all You need girls. A lot of girls. If You have a group of guys with more then three people then you have no chance to get in to any of the clubs. I understand the policy but I hate it. Yesterday we head out to a “Mexican party” where we were supposed to meet our friends which were a group of girls. So there was five of us (only guys) and we decided to meet in the restaurant. When we got there the girls were already in and the bouncer didn’t let us there. We called the girls and they came to talk to the bouncer but this dickwipe didn’t let us in. Congratulations! You have the best business idea ever: not letting paying customers in.

Had to get that off my hart. I was so pissed… But for now I would like to introduce You to our current group:

Oscar “Panic”, “Ozzy”, “Midget” or whatever you wanna call him. Don’t let his small size fool you cause this guy carries a huge ego and a bad music taste.


Mickey “Chinaman”, “Gentleman from England”, “Midget”, “Duracell bunny” or whatever you wanna call him. He is the loudest man I have ever met. He just keeps on talking and talking. Originally from Hong Kong or some other Asian city but there’s not a tip of Asia left in him. Sorry for the bad pic…


And of course Mr. Jiiilรคnne. With a hangover.


And here’s some more photos from our Stuttgart trip.


Hugs and kisses back home.




Posted 31.3.2013 at 19.26

I hated that Mexican place. No Mexicans allowed in there. That’s the best way to ruin a Mexican place’s reputation on Mexican standards. Fuck them.

Johannes Torppa
Posted 31.3.2013 at 19.32

๐Ÿ˜€ I hate it too from now on. And I haven’t even seen it properly.

Posted 31.3.2013 at 19.41

If you want to have fun in Stuttgart clubs, don’t tell anything to Oscar! Everybody hate Oscar! Even the Mexicans hate Oscar! I hate Oscar! Aaaarrrggghhh!

Johannes Torppa
Posted 1.4.2013 at 14.38

Yeah I was thinking that he might be the reason why we couldn’t get in… ๐Ÿ˜‰