…is getting worse towards the end. I have to say that I really haven’t felt homesick before. Just random moments when I miss my friends and family but now that the end of the exchange period is closing I feel homesick everyday.

Last weekend it was midsummer festival in Finland so four of us Finnish guys decided to do something typically Finnish. We packed some rye bread and “jaloviina” to our backpacks and headed to a rock music festival called “Rock am Härtsfeldsee”. The weekend was awesome. There was a lot of friendly German metal lovers and I think that we were the only foreign peoples there so we were kind of an attraction. I think most of the pictures showed some parts of male body that shouldn’t be seen in a blog like this so I have only these two:

Most important snacks: (Thanks to our International Coordinator Anneli for the rye bread and chocolate that she brought to us. You’re the best. And thanks to Joni for the Jallu.)


Heikki has done a good job setting the tent up:


My project at work is going good. I have finished the design phase and the prototype of my design is now being manufactured. I believe that this is the first thing that is being manufactured that I’ve designed. I cannot wait to get it into my hands and maybe if the tests go well it can be seen in a Festo catalog in a few years. I’m happy with the outcome so far so now I just have to wait for the tests to start. As you might guess I am not allowed to tell You any details about the purpose of the project.

One tip for the students who are going abroad: Bring your personal cook like I did. Heikki used to be a cook so he is pretty good at preparing dinner. I also have learned a lot of useful tips from him.