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Holy crap how time flies! Fourth week in Bettina has ended! Still less than month in practical left… So, here are the recent greeting from Barcelona:

My practical in Bettina has continued well, I’ve gotten to do more by myself than in Aima. In this place there’re 3 physiotherapists, a logopedic, and a psychologist. All of them are specialized in neurological rehabilitation. Here are some practical things about Bettina’s rehabilitation center:

1. All 3 phyisotherapists work in same space: there’re 4 big treatment tables which patients choose one by one which ever is free. Patients’ have their own towels (which replace the protective paper) in the center, and when they’ll come to get ready for their therapy session, they just grap their towels. Sometimes I wonder how patients can focus on their therapy because there’re others in the same room… but until now, everything has gone quite well.

2. There’re lots of therapy equipments! All kinds of games, balls, splints, walking sticks, little items, etc. There’re also some training apparatus, like Wii, treadmill, exercise bicycle, and hand-use exercise bicycle. So, it’s from your imagination what you can do with all these things!!

3. Because all physiotherapists work in same space, of course patients get to see each other a lot. Actually, they seem to have very warm relation with each others: they know each other for names and (at least I think so) each others’ situtations. I don’t think this would be appropriate in Finland, but here I think it’s actually quite great! It seems like patient get support and understanding from each other, plus peer experiences. So if you think in that way, would you say it’s a bad thing?

4. Still, I haven’t seen much of registration about patient’s physiotherapy sessions. I don’t know is there more registrations in hospitals and such acute rehabilitation centers, but in these two places it’s been very slight.

… It’s a pity, that I can’t upload any photos from Bettina center, because this blog doesn’t approve my pictures. 🙁 I’ll try to add them on next article.

“Kalle” is here knowed as “Sam”!

Eventhough I have practical training from Monday to Friday, I’ve had time to do sightseeing and got to know many new people. Along with Sagrada Famìlia and Park Güell, I’ve visit in Montserrat, Picasso Museum, Ciutadella Park, Cathedral, and Aquarium. Past two weekends haven’t been very good by weather so that has limited sightseeing a bit. I realized that I haven’t many weekends left in Barcelona! I still want to see at least Montjüic and Camp Nou!!

Penguin in Aquarium

I’ll more about my sightseeing and international friends when I’ll get to add my pictures… it’s easier and more reader-friendly that way. 😀 But here’s two things about future: 1. I booked a ticket to Barcelona – Almeria football match, I’ll go to Camp Nou!! 2. I’ll travel to Paris for Easter holidays! Super! Merci!

Until next time (hopefully with pictures… let’s keep fingers crossed)!!




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