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Arriving to Ajou Uiversity

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So here I am at the Ajou University in Suwon. 1st impression… Damm JAMK is small compared to this school. The campus has huge sport fields, couple of food shops and multiple campus buildings. My dorm was located at the very back area of the campus and that was located at the top of the hill.. Yea Ajou university is build around a big hill that is about the size of Laajavuori sking center in JKL.


After getting to my dorm I meat with my roommates and we went shopping for pillows , blankets and other useful things. I ended up getting a korean style bed sheet set & pillow and some basic living stuff. After that we went to eat at a local restaurant that served chicken galbi that is a really traditional korean food. it spicy and freaking good… top tip always order it with extra cheese. After the awesome dinner it was time to get some sleep and be fresh for orientation day.