And I just let the water take me away

This summer I have spent working on a tour boat. We had excursions around the rivers and canals of Saint-Petersburg. The company’s name is Step to SPb. It’s small but proud. I had a lot of experiences and unique chances to learn, and I’m happy I didn’t miss my opportunity.

(I should confess, the most valuable experience was aesthetic. Because I had a chance to travel on water for the whole summer).

There should be another side behind the bridge, but the moist was extremely thick. Sight from Admiralteyskaya embankent.

My duties included interaction with customers (you ever had a successful sales conversation in a mix of German and English? it’s invaluable) and with tourist guides (you ever had a successful sales conversation with a person who has linguistics degree from one of the best universities of your country? it teaches you to be as patient as a marble monument). I also had to manage the relationships with our competitors who we shared a pier with, and with their captain’s assistants. Anything I can tell you about these relationships is not very pleasant and also affects real living people, so nothing specific here. But their attitude and environment taught me to be quick and merciless while also polite like a queen. It also taught me that sometimes people are not Finns, and studying in a calm environment that JAMK is makes you forget that.

St. Isaak’s cathedral, sight from under the Blue Bridge.

I have met different kinds of people from all over the world and had a chance to observe them when they thought I was just a server who doesn’t speak their language (valuable lesson: never talk bad of anyone in front of them unless you are most certain they don’t speak your language. Because in most cases, I did). I also saw happy people, amazed people, disappointed people, inspired people and frustrated people. Among all other things, I studied people and how to be customer-likable.

The most memorable thing was the Navy Day. Navy ships were in our route for about three weeks, I saw the change of duty and the rehearsal before the day. It wasn’t connected with my studies directly, but I know more about navy life, sailmen and what they are like (I also had two on board every day). It was just adorbs for my heart and a study of people, nothing more or less.











The close sight of the navy ships, and even the submarine.


I liked my time spent there. I have learned a lot about tourism business, tourist guides and small business (but it’s a little bit of a secret, so hushhh). I am certain this knowledge will help me in my future studies and career.

The setting sun. Somewhere close to the Zenit arena, but no exact coordinates.

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