Interested in improving the competitiveness of your organization?

By Murat Akpinar

JAMK Centre for Competitiveness was established in Spring 2012. It aims to enhance competitiveness of firms, clusters, and regions in Finland. The Centre belongs to the Microeconomics of Competitiveness network established by Michael Porter at Harvard Business School as well as the Competitiveness Institute (TCI)

Activities of the Centre can be categorized under the following themes:

–      Dialogue: The aim is to share knowledge, build networks and stimulate dialogue through organizing webinars and roundtables.

–      Applied research and development: The aim of this activity is to measure the competitiveness of firms, clusters and regions and identify major competitiveness issues.

–      Applied consulting: The aim of this activity is to help firms, clusters and regions to improve their competitiveness.

–      Executive education: The aim of this activity is to train executive managers on issues related to competitiveness.

In this context, we ask you to contact the Centre if you see any cooperation potential for improving your organization’s competitiveness.

Contact person: Murat Akpinar

More info about the Centre: