Murat Akpinar

Interested in improving the competitiveness of your organization?

By Murat Akpinar JAMK Centre for Competitiveness was established in Spring 2012. It aims to enhance competitiveness of firms, clusters, and regions in Finland. The Centre belongs to the Microeconomics of Competitiveness network established by Michael Porter at Harvard Business School as well as the Competitiveness Institute (TCI) Activities of the Centre can…

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Interested in internationalization?

Here is a great opportunity for our Finnish students to develop their internationalization competences. You can join the FriendFamily program at JAMK and help a bachelor foreign student in her/his adaptation to the Finnish culture. This is a great opportunity to get to know a different culture at the same time. Interested? Please contact Anu Lietonen…

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Student Expectations

STUDENT EXPECTATIONS FROM IBM MASTER DEGREE PROGRAMME The following expectations were collected during the orientation days for the IBM master degree programme (no special order): Development of skills (management skills) Moving from a ‘national’ to ‘multinational’ way of thinking and doing International relationships Working in a multicultural environment Get a good career in work life…

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