Hae Aasian ohjelmaan pe 15.11.2013 mennessä! Apply to the Asian Programme by Nov 15!

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  • Apply to the Asian Programme by Nov 15, 2013

Network students can study for free, polytechnic students too if they get permission and anybody else by paying 250€ for the whole programme!

Welcome to study Asia online!

APPLICATION PERIOD 14.10. – 15.11.2013

The Asian Programme (25-32 ECTS) is a multidisciplinary BA level study programme, which offers students an exceptional view of Asia’s culture and its political and economic developments.

The goal of the programme is to provide the students with an insightful review of a dynamic region which is growing as a major power in the world in terms of trade and innovation – not to mention its political influence. With the programme, students will acquire a deeper understanding of Asia’s challenges and reality today.

The programme consists of online courses with lectures and exercises. It is organized in the Moodle e-learning platform on the Internet. The programme can be taken as a minor subject or in smaller course entities. In order to get a degree for a minor subject, the student must finish four complete modules and at least 25 ECTS.

In 2014 the following modules are offered:

A: Cultural History of East and Southeast Asia, spring 2014 (in Finnish or English, options: 6 or 2 ECTS)
B: Society and Politics in East and Southeast Asia, spring 2014 (in English, options: 7 or 2 ECTS)
C: Business in East and Southeast Asia, autumn 2014 (in English, options: 7 , 5 , or 2 ECTS)
D: Language and Communication in East and Southeast Asia, autumn 2014 (in English, options: 6 ECTS)
E: India in the World Politics, autumn 2014 (in English, options: 6 ECTS)

The programme is free for all students who are registered in the Network member universities (Aalto, Jyväskylä, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Oulu, Tampere, Turku, Vaasa and Åbo Akademi).

The study fee of polytechnic students is paid by their own school if the student gets a confirmation letter from their unit/department. Other students can participate in the programme by paying a study fee (250€ for the whole programme, max 26 ECTS). The programme is recommended for students who have already completed their first study year.

Additional information and application form at
ENGLANNIKSI: http://www.asianet.fi/asianet/forms/haku/ao_application2014.html
SUOMEKSI: http://www.asianet.fi/asianet/forms/haku/ao_haku2014.html

Welcome to study Asia!

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