Degree Students: Application Period for Short-term Exchanges Now Open 1.1.2014 – 31.1.2014

Application periods for short-term exchanges (exchanges lasting less than 1 month, e.g. study trips, language courses etc.)

  • 1.1. – 31.1. Short-term exchanges taking place during the current spring semester or the upcoming academic year

Students have the possibility to take part in study trips organised by JAMK as part of their studies at JAMK. The trips are usually a part of a study module at JAMK and the teacher in charge of the study module informs the students of such study trips.

Students apply for study trips normally via JAMK’s internal application process within the application period. The planned exchange and studies must be approved by the student’s degree programme in order for the student to be able to take part in a study trip as part of the studies as JAMK.

Students are generally responsible for taking care of all the costs incurred by study trips. The teacher in charge of the study trip provides more information about the costs of any particular trip.  The duration and timing of a study trip are determined by the teacher in charge of the trip in question.

It is possible to apply for a JAMK grant for the study trips. However, it should be noted that the trips usually last under one month and, therefore, are classified as short term exchanges (studies abroad for 5-29 days). It is possible to receive a grant for short term exchanges once in bachelor-level degree studies and once in master-level degree studies (UAS). If the student has already received a grant for, for instance, a week-long study trip or a summer school, language course etc. lasting under a month, he/she is not eligible for another grant for a study trip lasting less than one month.