Practical training: Assistants at a grammar school in Germany

We are a grammar school in Western Germany, located close to the Dutch border (Heinsberg). We are looking for university students who would like to explore their minds working as assistants at a grammar school in Germany.

Our school is the Kreisgymnasium Heinsberg. It’s a school of approximately 1100 pupils with quite a lot of possibilities since it is also a full-time school with lessons in the afternoon. The school runs exchanges with Hungary, the Netherlands (Roermond), Belgium (Vervier) and Greece (Thessaloniki) but also with the USA and South Africa. Students learn English, French or Latin and they have the possibility to learn Spanish in the senior classes. The school practices also projects in natural science with a cooperating company, it offers special classes for string players and there are different workshops for younger students in the afternoon. So there is a lot of potential for an assistant in our daily school life.

Please find more information here: (unfortunately only in German).

Sunny and warm regards from Germany,

Anja Krägler