Housing Anywhere – Help for Students to Get Housing in More the 60 Countries


HousingAnywhere.com is a platform where students that go abroad for a semester or away for an internship can rent out their rooms to incoming exchange students. Subsequently, incoming exchange students or students pursuing an internship near the respected university can search for recently posted rooms through an interactive webpage. It is a simple platform that matches the demand & supply of short-stay housing in order to lean out the intensifying housing concerns caused by the increasing degree of international mobility of students attending universities.


HousingAnywhere.com started as a student project in Rotterdam in 2009 and rapidly spread throughout the Netherlands. Nowadays we are present in more the 60 countries and we have more than 100 universities partner.

HousingAnywhere’s main advantage is that it is an incredibly safe and student-oriented platform. They maintain these values by only allowing students with a valid university email address (@student.jamk.fi) to post their rooms online.  In some cases, universities can decide to entrust landlords and host families to use the platform in order to expand supply. Although HousingAnywhere differentiates itself through its safety and student-oriented design, its main target is not to act as a substitute to previous housing services, but as a complimentary service.

I attach a brochure and the link to our youtube channel ( https://www.youtube.com/user/HousingAnywhere ) so you can see what other universities have to say about the service! We could schedule a call in order to discuss further on how we could help also JAMK! Would you be available on the 18th of June? You can choose the time that suits you better!

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Lucia Piseddu Head of Department of Relations HousingAnywhere.com

E-mail: lucia@housinganywhere.com Tel. :+31 644212485 Skype: lucia_HousingAnywhere