Internship in Spain, Erasmus +


My name is Valentine DAL and I am in charge of the Human Resources of the Spanish School Juan Sebastián Elcano located in Alicante, Spain. We are currently looking for interns to help us in various departments, and mainly Marketing, Business, Translation and Business Administration. We have received interns from lots of differeinternt European countries like England, Germany, France, and Slovenia… We have vacant positions starting in March and we are looking for an intern who speaks Finnish to help us expand our market. I am writing to you since the JAMK University has an exchange program with the University of Alicante, and maybe one of your students in Business, Tourism, Business Administration would be interested.

About us, our school is a young and dynamic school that offers Spanish courses to foreign students. We are based in the center of Alicante, surrounded by shopping areas, cafes and restaurants, and just a 5 minute walk from the beach. We provide intensive Spanish classes and accommodation to foreign students for all language levels. We also organize guided tours around the city and to other nearby towns and cultural hotspots, so that our students will not only learn Spanish but also get to know the local culture and lifestyle.

Click here to see the detailed offering. They are based on a 35hours/a week shift and remunerated by the Erasmus + program. We can also help the intern to find an accommodation. We do not ask from the intern to speak Spanish perfectly as long as his/her level is good enough to communicate with us or as long we can communicate in English. We are ready to help the intern practice Spanish with us and improve his/her level.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards, Valentine DAL

Escuela Elcano
C/Bazán, 20 entreplanta, puerta 25
03001 Alicante (España)
Tel: (+34) 966 443 987