Do you speak Spanish, Swedish or Catalan? Almerin Ltd. is Looking for a Translator.

Do you speak Spanish, Swedish or Catalan? We are looking for translator to a project in our company Almerin Ltd. Almerin develops a new personal learning environmet called YipTree. Almerin took part to European Imaile project last year and was another of the winners in the competition. Our service YipTree is finally ready to be launched during this spring.

We need a person who can translate YipTree’s websites from English to Spanish, Swedish or Catalan. This work takes about a half day and you need to translate mostly separate words. We need Swedish translator as soon as possible and Spanish/Catalan translator in April. We could possibly offer you more translation work later in this spring. You will get a salary for your work.

Please contact Annina Ruokolainen for more information at annina.ruokolainen(a) or +358 44 240 4590.