Asianet Course Application Now Open!! Period: 21 Aug – 15 Sept

The Asianet Course Application is Now Open!


Asianet offers online courses in Asian Studies for both Bachelor’s and Master’s students. Taking Asianet courses provides students with in-depth knowledge on one of the most dynamic regions in the world!

The application period for courses offered in autumn 2017 is from 21 August – 15 September, 2017.


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Students can apply to online courses from the three following categories:


Asian Programme (25 ECTS) and Mini Minor (10 ECTS)

The Asian Programme is a 25 ECTS interdisciplinary Bachelor’s level programme which provides students with basic knowledge of Asia. The Mini Minor is designed for those students who prefer to include a small minor in Asian Studies in their degree.

Read more about the Asian Programme here and the Mini Minor here.


Master’s Level Courses

Master’s Level Courses offer more advanced knowledge on Asia. Courses focus on a wide range of topics such as politics, society, culture, and the economy of Asia.

Read more about our Master’s Level Courses here.


Korean Language Course

Asianet currently offers one online language course for Korean Language worth 3 ECTS. In order to take this Korean Language Course, students must also be able to attend webinars and exams at the university campuses.

Read more about the Korean Language Course here.


Who Can Apply?

Students from Asianet member universities may take these courses for free. This includes Aalto University, the universities of Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Tampere, Turku, and Vaasa, and Åbo Akademi. A student from a University of Applied Sciences may also apply if their university agrees to cover the course fees, or if the student is willing to cover the course fees themself.

Other individuals including students from non-member universities  can apply to Asianet courses (excluding the Korean Language Course) as independent self-paying students.


Read more about applying to Asianet courses from each relevant programme page from


Welcome to Asianet!

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