International Internship Programme, La Casita de Martín, Fuengirola, Spain

We are contacting you from the kindergarten “La Casita de Martín” located in Fuengirola, Málaga (Spain).

“La Casita de Martin” is a place where children can develop their childhood education (from 0 until 6 years old) with an educative methodology based on PLAYING and CARING. Through the activities and workshops organized, the children are learning in a relaxed and trusting environment. The children learn by experiencing whilst having fun and develop in an individual manner.

Within our international internship programme, we are receiving students from different countries in order to develop their internships in our school.  Most of the degrees or diplomas that our interns are studying are related to the early childhood education and teaching education sector. However, we are also open to welcome students from different educational backgrounds as long as their background is related to any of our departments.

Our internship programme is aimed at people who like to work in contact with children and nature. The school has a farm where the children develop their activities in an environment where they are surrounded by animals, trees and plants.  We have activities such as farm visits, gardening, sandpit, cookery, library, music, theatre, etc.

Currently, the Internship Department is starting to plan the 2018/2019 academic course, in which we will offer 10 intern positions. The internship period can be agreed between both parties, with a minimum of one month and maximum of a scholar season (from September to July). Further information about the internship program will be given when required.

In order to get a better perspective of who we are and how we work at “La Casita de Martín”, we invite you to check the following links:




Read more about the internship programme here: Information Brochure La Casita De Martin

More information from: Salva Jimenez Martin, escuela (a)