Invitation to TGS Sakeology, an online Japanese culture event / オンライン日本酒講座、日本文化紹介イベントへのご招待

Hello, world!

I’m Azumi, from Toyo Gem Stone, Toyo University, Japan! TGS is a student organization to bridge between the Japanese and international students in Toyo university, spreading Japanese language and culture across the world.

Fancy drinking with your friends? Missing Friday night parties? What about eating in your favorite sushi restaurants? Tell us all about it, cause we got an event just for you whether or not you drink alcohol !!

In our upcoming online event this December, <Sake for Fun’s Sake>, we are so ready to spill our passion about Nihonshu, Japanese Sake! Don’t worry, this event is made for everyone, whether or not you drink. Lucky for you, cause this event will be livestreamed on our Facebook all around the world! The event details are the following:

Title: Sake for Fun’s Sake: A friendly guide to your first Nihonshu experience
● Sakeology 101 : everything you need to know about Japanese Sake
● Past & Future of Nihonshu : Nihonshu in the Japanese history and culture, up until modern Japanese society.
● Enjoying Nihonshu : Introduction on Nihonshu, made to have fun! You can enjoy it even without drinking.

Download brochureLanguage: English
When: December 11, 2020 (Fri)
18:15 – 19:45 JST (UTC+9)
Where: Facebook live @ global.toyo

→our Facebook page to the world :

Our members, who also loves Nihonshu, will take you on a memorable journey to the Japanese Sake, when and wherever you are in the world! Trust me, you will also be a fan of Nihonshu by the end of the event! You don’t have to confirm your attendance, so please feel free to join us at your convenience.

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Looking forward to seeing you all!