Arriving to Hamburg

After having two planes cancelled from Bangkok to Hamburg today I have finally arrived to Hamburg. It seemed impossible to me to arrive on time, but I made it and once I put my feet in Hamburg everything went smooth.

I am so happy to be back to Germany, this is definitely one of my favourite countries and I would like to work here when I Finnish my studies. Everything is so organised, clean and well instructed. One can find the train very easily from the Airport and the ride takes about 30 mins to city center.

My first stop was at the university HAW (Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften) where I met the person responsible to find my practice placement (Frau Richter). I have been crossing many emails with her and was nice to put a face to a person you know only by writing. The interview was in German, I was a bit afraid about this moment but she said I speak very well so I am so happy about this, it defently helped to gain confidence for my first day of work tomorrow. Frau Richter was very kind to me and we had a good conversation. We talked about Finland, JAMK and my background, she explained to me what I need for my practice and also solved all my questions at last she put me in contact with my mentor and ensure that everything was ready for next day, my first working day. By my surprise she gave me a Wellcome present that includes some city maps, a mug, chocolates etc… (see picture). After the meeting I wanted to pick up my student card but the international service office has a wired timetable and I will need to wait till Thursday because is the only day they open in the afternoon.

Second stop was my accommodation. It was impossible to find an student room or a shared flat so I ended up booking the cheapest room I found in airbnb which is ironically just around the corner from my practice place UKE (Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf ). The room is clean, big and nice. I had not strength to unpack my things so I went straight to bed and got some rest before my first day tomorrow.

This is going to be great…I have a feeling!!!!

Wellcome present from HAW