First Week, first impressions

It was raining cats and dogs in my first day, although the weather was horrible I was super excited to start and nothing was going to ruin my day. Everything went smooth. There was someone from the university waiting me at the UKE hall hospital, she guided me through the hospital and told me where the important things are; restaurant, service office, where to pick uniforms, and also went to pick up my accreditation. The hospital is huge, it is like a small city and you can easily get lost…lets see when will be my first time.


She let me at the ward and then started my shift. I am at liber and kidney transplant unit. The unit looks amazing, modern equipment and great team. There are a lot of young people working here as it is a university hospital. I was assigned to “Lisa” a young nurse that seh works great, I was amazed about her competence and how she moves in the ward, she also has good teaching skills which is very important, after all a mentor is everything. She gave me a lot of information in paper about the ward and what they do, this is so organised! it is Germany…The Nurse Manager is also very nice and all of them have good mood and patience with my German, she also will let me explore the OR and ICU…this is going to be exciting! I feel super lucky I always work in morning shift and have weekends off.

The rest of the week went well I got do simple stuff; Vital signs, Medication, IM, SC, BS and wound care. I also got to know the routine from the morning shift. I did not have the same mentor all the week, which is bad as I got used to the german accent of the other one, however they were also good…well one had no so many teaching skills and I was just following her like a dog through all the ward and did nothing, and I asked her many times…I guess some people are not done for teaching but she was super competent and fast.

Now I am totally sick from the plane which brought me here and will spend my freebweekend lying in bed and complaining…brrrr

Bis nächste Woche!