Last week of my first practice

This is my last week at liver and kidney transplants ward. I have learned so much. I feel happy and sad at the same time. People is nice over here and I got very nice friends and a practice soulmate. She comes from Austria and she is doing also an Erasmus program. We sit, chat and gossip about the ward while we share a pizza or pancakes.

Me & Sophie

I just have one complain about my practice. I was asking to my mentor to do procedures like taking blood or putting a urinary catheter. They would not let me do it because I have a “practice” contract. With this contract I am not allowed to do any invasive procedure, so in other words I can take out things but not put in… However German students have a “student contract” and they are allowed to do so. So my recommendation is that you are sure you have an student contract to be able to practice as much as you can. Anyway and despite of the contract I got to do many things… wound care, EKG, vitals, monitors, take out urinary catheters etc. And I am very happy for the learning.

I am going to miss them, but they offer me to come back in summer and work with them :-). Now I will move to “general surgery” department which is 300 meters away…I will still have one month more of bowels…

Our working trolleys, I find them very comfortable