Daily routine at “General Surgery” ward

I mostly work in morning shift which goes from 6:15 till 14:15. We start with the report from night shift to morning shift, then we split the rooms between the nurses.

Next task is to prepare the 7:00 am medication which may include pills, iv fluids, injections, drops and others.

Then we start with the round of the rooms assigned. We go to the rooms with the “nurse trolley” which is a trolley with a computer attached and some nursing material like, vitals signs equipment, blood sugar equipment and others

To every patient we take all vital signs and we recorded them at the computer, we also write how they feel and if they have any need. We give them the medication and explain what is what and start infusions if applicable. We also inform them if they have any examination for the day or operation and we teach them what is their nutrition for the day and how they should prepare for their examination/operation. We also ask and perform if they need help for their hygiene routines and and we also change bed linen if required.

When we finish the round we ask other nurses if they need help to finish and we support each other. When everybody is ready then we sit for breakfast which it is around 10:00. During our breakfast time doctors come and visit the patients and write down in the system any order they would like us to do, like taking out drainages, special wound care, labs specimens etc.

After breakfast we make a round for wound care and doctors orders tasks. We document once again how patient feels.

Around 12:00 we prepare and deliver new medication and document it.
At 13:30 we start with report to Afternoon shift and around 14:15 we can go home.

So far this is how the day goes in the general surgery ward.
See you next week!