Coronavirus Situation in Hamburg

On Monday we had a training about Coronavirus at hospital, how to protect ourselves and also, they were giving info about the virus. They said there was 13 confirmed cases in whole Hamburg. But on Thursday some news came to our Cluster, apparently, we conducted surgery to a patient with coronavirus in another cluster and for the moment there are 3 nurses in quarantine. They have stopped the rotations meaning people is fixed in one cluster, but let’s see what happens…I hope they don’t close them! 

Schools  and all education activity will be close for the next 5 weeks, rest of the business are open, you can find some shortages in products like toilet paper and of course you cannot find any mask or sanitiser liquid.

In another hand I am confined at home with a strong cold, because every time I go out and cough in public everybody looks me wired. Hope I get better soon and I can start enjoy this city and this practice