How is practising with corona?

This week we started with OP reduction program due to Coronavirus, this means only urgent surgeries and necessary surgeries are done, for us this reflects that one of the four tables in our cluster is closed and only long surgeries are being performed in order to minimize the risk and also to have less patient traffic as possible. We are also obliged to wear a surgical mask all the time and to keep distance between each other. I couldn’t believe how horrible is to wear these masks for 8 hours, my face and nose hurts, re-breathing your own breath dries your nostrils and makes you more tired. Also, as the program is reduced you see and participate less in the process so sometimes is quite boring.

During these weeks there were many lectures about COVID-19 hygiene at surgery rooms and at the hospital in general. In our case the taught us how a patient with COVID-19 will be treated in surgeries rooms if this case happens. Luckily, we don’t have shortage of resources at the hospital there plenty of masks, hand sanitizer, gloves and kettles.

In the middle of this mess, this week I had the opportunity to assist in an epidural catheter placement. My responsibility was to teach patient about posture, check patient’s vitals during the placement, assist on giving medicines, as doctor is in sterile field, prepare the sterile field. Prepare the epidural catheter medicine mixture and do the bandage after the placement.

So lets see what next week bring us!