It is finally Spring in Hamburg

After an awful winter plenty of rain, wind and greyness it is finally spring in Hamburg, sadly one cannot enjoy nicely due to this coronavirus momentum. I am really missing to sit in a Terrace  for a coffee or go to my favourite restaurants.

Instead of doing that there are beautiful parks in hamburg where one can enjoy the sun and the fresh air.  StadPark, HanysPark, Elbe, Donners Park.

Here people seems to be more relax for about what is happening but there is always people that are not so happy to have you close. Police is checking that people does not gather together, maximum 2 persons are allowed. Ice-cream shop have long lines and supermarkets are also restricting the entrance to 2 persons.

I am sorry if this blog it is boring, but at the moment there is not that much to explain…just work work and work.

Lets see how this full thing goes on…I am just feeling so fortunate that I can practise…