Moving into next practice ICU- Cardio Surgery

This week I have started at ICU Cardio surgery. The station has the shape of a square in one side is Cardio surgery and in the other side cardiology. Cardio surgery intensive station ward has 6 double rooms full equipped with respirators, perfussor pumps, infusion pumps and others. There are about 25 nurses on the station and 3 nurse supervisors. There is also one chief doctor and 3 less experience doctors. We work together hand to hand and the doctors are reachable of the time for any question or doubt. The rate nurse patient is 1:3 and if lucky 1:2 so it is quite a lot of work, the good news is that almost all patients are awake as they are recovering from heart surgery. Patients do not stay longer in this station but in cardiology section they do.


This week I was with a very applicate nurse and she taught me a lot. The second day she gave me a patient for myself and just looked at me over the shoulder. I did quite well, and I think is because when you have a good nurse you do better, of course one needs to have some background skills. I felt very busy with one patient only?so I cannot imagine how is with 3 and in different rooms?uppps. I guessit is because I am not used to the routine, where the things are and the system to document but for being my first week I cannot complain.

See you next week and enjoy eastern.