Things you find on the floor

Hamburg is slowly recovering the normality, shops are starting to open, cafes and restaurants offer limited guests and menus, sports clubs are also opening and soon my ballet classes will go on.

I cannot believe that during my full practice is was COVID-19 times, this did not let me enjoy so much the city and show me a sad side of the country, but hopefully this will be soon over so I am looking forward for the typical “hamburger” smiling mood.

In the meantime I got inspired about things that stand in the floor. When we tourism we always look up, staring the architecture, looking at people, houses, monuments and others. But what happens with the things on the floor? Thanks to Corona I am looking at the floor more now than never…These are some things I found…besides the typical shit dog and some random trash.

Pfand bottle

In Germany most of the bottles are taxed or what in german is called “Pfand”. This means for each bottle you pay like about 30 cents extra, this money  you will recover when you bring back the bottle to the supermarket. There is also a short community of homeless/Jobless people who collect these bottles and gain some money with it. This is the reason why the bottles do not go into a street garbage bin but people leaves them around the bin. Of course you can keep your bottle and bring it back, but if one day you feel lazy, just leave it on the floor someone who needs the money will do it for you and this is totally allowed!

Corona rules

Since some shops already started to open, there are still some rules you need to follow during COVID-19…and because germans are good with rules Abstand!!! this means stay apart! they put this on the floor every 2 meters to keep the security distance while waiting to go in the shop. You can also see these marks inside the shops.




little memorial

From all the things you can find on the floor this is one of my favourite. In front of many buildings or houses you can find several inscriptions like these ones. Every inscription is for every person that was deported or suffered from NAZIS regime and what happen to them, deported, flew, dead, assassinated…etc. The sad thing is that you find these inscriptions very often, to often….

Since today one 2 weeks to finish my practice and with that my degree!!!