Home sweet home

Tarragona is my home town. I was born, rised and spent my teenager times here, however I left the city 21 years ago. I still keep my friends and family circle and I am happy to be able to spend some time with them, comming back to the roots.

I will be doing 4 practices here, one now and 3 after the summer break as I need to follow the spanish school calendar which is slightly  different. I will be here around 8 months. To find these practice placements I have used my familiy contacts, this is a free mover placement, meaning JAMK has no contract with URV ( Universitat Rovira i Virgili) however it is still ERASMUS.

Tarragona is a medium-size city located 100 km south Barcelona, yes this is still Catalonia. So we speak catalán and on the practice placement too! It is on the coast and weather is amazing, well like everybody expcts from Spain. It has a long beach and a big harbour. It is being a routine for me to walk along the beach every morning before going to practice.


Spain moves in a different rithym, People is often late, the clock seems to move  different for Spanish. In Finland I could easely wake up at 6:00 am and do tones of things in couple of hours, here there is absolutely no one who wakes up so early, shops are closed and per instantce going to supermarket may take you a longer time. Everybody talks to everybody, no mather if they know you or not, they comment on you, talk about their families….This is schocking for me as I spent so much time abroad, but it is also so funny!

This place, slow, sunny and talkative makes you be in a good mood.