A week of practice

First week of practice has been amazing. I am assigned to the team who provides home care in the neighbourhood I live. This team has their office on the primary care center. The team is called ATDOM this means AT DOMICILE. There is one doctor and 3 nurses, all women.

The day starts reviewing the agenda of patients we need to go and calling them to inform at what time we will be there. We make our own route and we are very independent deciding how many patients we do a day and the time we want to do go. The only rule is that the maximum of patients a day cannot exceed 6 and we have 8 hours to organise, go homes, do phone calls and phone visits.

Once we are organised, we prepare the nursing bag. This includes vital signs equipment, material for wound care, material for injections, material for aseptic techniques and others.

I am assigned to young but very well experience nurse, we go together everywhere. In some visits the doctor comes with us too.She explains very well and let me do a lot of things.

So we start the route and the fun starts also. We walk to the diferent homes, this makes the work very active and makes you the opportunity to recharge batteries while you walk.

I will talk about the tasks we do in another post. I that one I want to focus on the organization.

Once we visit all homes we go back to the office to document what we do and set up next steps and visits. We do more phone calls and if it necessary we re-organise the agenda for next day. I would say around 3 hours of the shift is desk tasks, everything is computerized and takes a while to do everything and book times.

This team only work Monday to Friday in morning and evening shifts. All the people in the team it is very communicative and have a very good atmosphere, this is very important because there are many sad stories out there 🙁

I explain more next week!