Tarragona in some sentences


Tarragona has a huge Roman background history and you can visit many Roman ruins. The ruins are all over the city and most of them are free of charge. Maybe the most famous and well preserved is the “Amphitheater”.  It is close to the sea and has a beautiful view. You can also see a part of the Roman Circus. Most of the Roman ruins and museums are located on the “Part Alta” this is the oldest part of the town. Also in that part you cannot miss to visit the Cathedral and get lost in the small and charming streets. There plenty of restaurants and cozy shops.


In “plaça la font” you can see the town hall and enjoy tapas and beer. It is a huge square, this place is plenty of life, night and day. If I would need to recommend a place that would be “Quattros” they have huge variety of “pinchos, tapas, llescas” and all in good price.


Quattros Bar

In Tarragona we have thing this is called “Anar a tocar ferro” meaning “ going to touch iron” This means make a walk along the huge avenue called “la Rambla” that crosses the city, this is about 4km. It start in the lower part of the city, near the hospital, and ends up at the highest part in the “Mediterranean balcony” a fence made of iron.  So you need to touch the iron fence. There you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Mediterranean sea.  During the walk, you will encountered many shops, cafes, ice-cream shops. This part of the city is loud and busy, but is certainly something that you cannot miss.

Mediterranean balcony
Sea view