Last week at ATDOM

That was my last week of practice. I have liked the time I spent in that service. My nurse mentor taught me and let me do a lot of things. Speaking my own language it is also plus. Makes me wonder if I want to get back here. The working system here it is very complicated and the working conditions are uncertain. However the nurse’s role in Spain is very well recognized and they are very independent.

The last week was sad because of being the last one and also because we put a end-of-life care treatment to a patient who wanted to die at home. I was able to do the technical part…cannulating the patient and to start the IV medication, my nurse was in charge to do the counselling part, that I was able to listen and learn. It was a very sad moment, for the family and for me too.

The rest of the week went well, routine, blood extractions for 2 hours a day and then we went to patient’s home. We did more of the same things we were doing, wound care, Marevan tests, Injections and one thing came new, Urostomas changing bag.

wound care, I am learning a lot about the different types of wounds and how to distinguish them also the different dressings, creams, ointments. How to clean them how is the prognosis.

I have learnt a lot, I feel very happy and I am looking forward to my new practice in October, till then Have a lovely summer!