Santa Tecla

This week I am back to Tarragona to continue my practice. I came back and was the feast day at Tarrragona. These festivities are called Santa Tecla, they are during a week and a half and there are a lot of activities in the city during this period. From little workshops, popular dancing, theater to the most popular ones like, “cercavila”, corre-foc“, life music, open air cinemas, open air discos, religious parades, sardanas dancing, castells. 

One of the most expected ones is the “corre-foc” translated would be something like “running fire” (see video ). These are a group of people dressed like demons, they carry sticks and on top they have fireworks, they dance and walk through the streets while the drums play, people can also join and dance under the fire, but of course they need to be well protected and dress appropriately or they will be on fire. 



During the festivities you can of course eat tapas and wine all over the city, but one of the most typical things to eat are “churros”. They are just made with flour and water and deep-fried in vegetal oil, then you put sugar on top… and you can deep them in melted chocolate…this is the perfect breakfast after a crazy night of party. 

If you ever have the opportunity to come to this city you cannot miss these festivities!