Mental health practice – First impressions

This week I have started my mental health practice in Tarragona (Spain) I am assigned to an outpatient clinic for mental health diseases. In this center we treat mainly diseases like schizophrenia, bipolar diseases, border line personality.


We work 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday in a morning shift. The work consists in do follow up visits to patients. We do motivational speech, check what is the mood right now, the status of the patients, ask for challenges, family, social relationships, activities, new objectives in live or ask for other triggers and happenings that we are not aware of. We document everything. We also check the weight, and the medication that everything is going all right, that they take the medication as indicated and if they say the sleep correctly and feel too tired in the morning, we suggest reducing some of medication whenever is possible. We put the injections if this is the case. We also organize blood sample referrals depending on the medications they are taking. The patients are seen regularly every 3 months by the nurses, psychiatrists and psychologists. As nurses also check that the results of the blood samples are ok and if not, we organize a visit with his/her doctor.

The center has 8 Psychiatric doctors, 10 psychologist, 6 nurses, 2 social workers, 5 administrative and 1 director. This center as all health system in Spain is part of the government and is free of charge. To use this service the patients are referred by his/her house doctor or because they had been admitted in an emergency ward due to an acute mental health episode.

Next week more…